A cloud based secure and scalable platform that offers end to end encrypted connectivity. BodyLog365™ platform offers vital health and body stats data integration with any application and system. It is open-end and offer device agnostic design for seamless integration. Hosted in Australia and provides multiple isolated layers of authentication, encryption for data in motion and data at rest. BodyLog365™ provides an ecosystem of connected devices, smartphone app, HUB and platform for home and remote monitoring as well as preventative and chronic monitoring.


In today’s innovative scenario, pharmacies are shifting their focus from selling drugs to positive outcome for their patients. This is part of connected care model through which they can measure, monitor and encourage positive behaviour change, regimen adherence and compliance.

BodyLog365™ offers encrypted chatting facility (Both text and video) along with other professional services in tune to personalised care. Pharmacists are embracing professional services model by connecting devices through BodyLog365™ and consumers which in turn encourage health outcome, improves patient’s adherence and compliance. They can monitor vital signs from connecting devices in a near to real time fashion. BodyLog365™ enable pharmacies to reward healthy behaviour and increase tailor made health program efficiency and end results.

Hospital / Health Systems

BodyLog365™ provides pre-operative and post-operative vital signs for body stats to professionals in near to real time. This helps Doctors/ GP/ Specialists/ Hospital to manage their patients, improve outcome, optimal medicine usage, reduces readmissions and provides informed interventions. BodyLog365™ is accessible to entire hospital multi-disciplinary team and integration with hospital systems. Your own cloud server improves system and staff efficiency.

Diagnostic care in pharmacies

Our vital signs monitor and other connected devices are made to be used in home and records multiple patients results into respective patient profiles which makes staff life easier, increase time efficiency, reduce cost, improves desired patients outcome. Our connected devices are typically developed for monitoring either in home or remote, same could be applied to larger patient care model and integrated with your professional care model as well.

LifeSmartTM HUB

LifeSmart™ Hub captures new data and transfer in encrypted fashion to cloud for storage and access from connected devices. Readily accessible to care team, doctor, pharmacist and carer in near to real-time. LifeSmart™ Hub eliminates the need for opening App or mobile use.

BodyLog365TM API Integration

LifeSmart™ provides integrated protocols and application interfaces for seamless integration.

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