Smart Nebuliser

The LifeSmart nebuliser is a truly portable inhaler that can fit in any handbag or briefcase. Its one button operation is user friendly. It works on mesh technology with low power consumption and the device is virtually noiseless. The medicine residue is very low and it also indicates low battery.



Mesh Technology

Low Power Consumption


One button operation

Hygienic - easy to clean


It utilizes piezoelectric vibrations to turn liquid drug into fine mist, which is then sent to the respiratory tract and oral cavity by a venting system so that therapeutic results can be achieved.
Ultra mesh technology.
Low power consumption.
Piezoelectric vibration produces 100,000 - 120,000 vibrations per second.
One button operation.
Hygienic - easy to clean.
Compact and easy to carry.

Technical Specifications

Power supply Battery: 1.5v X 2 AA Size Alkaline batteries.
Power Consumption: < 2W.
Battery Life 1 hour (min) for brand new 1.5V X 2 AA Alkaline batteries or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (optional).
Operation environment 10° C to 40° C, up to 80% RH.
Storage environment -20° C to 70° C, ?85% RH.
Nebulisation rate 0.2ml (min) ~ 1.0ml/min (max).
Medication bottle volume 8 ml (max).
Nebuliser AUTO-OFF Device turns off after 20 mins of continuous operation.