Be proactive and manage your weight, blood pressure, activity and sleep better.

LifeSmart has a family of smart devices that help you to improve your everyday life to keep you healthy. LifeSmart products are smart and are supported by a unique and free LifeSmart app, that displays all your results together. It gives you the flexibility to track your results over time and access them anywhere and at any time.

LifeSmart app is an easy and simple way to control and manage your health. You can MEASURE, TRACK, RECORD and SHARE your health stats - all at one place.

MEASURE: Start collecting your health figures. You can measure and see your blood pressure, weight, activity, sleep quality and more.

TRACK: Watch your results in figures and graphs. With LifeSmart app, you can track your progress and interpret your body stats in an easy to understand numbers and self-explanatory graphs.

RECORD: Record your health and body statistics. Access them easily anywhere and anytime. Also all your personal results are stored under your own account.

SHARE: Stay connected. You have the option to share your health results instantly with your doctor, family, friends or more. Challenge yourself or others by sharing and comparing results with them.

Connected well being with LifeSmart

Our LifeSmart app is designed to provide you a complete picture of your daily stats. It provides a clear display of your progress, your position in relation to your targets and how you compare to various BMI, blood pressure and physical activity goals.