AEROBIC 2 Activity & Sleep Tracker

Stop worrying, start wearing!

You will always feel motivated to move more with our AEROBIC 2. Set goals and track your real time progress on a bright OLED display. It tracks your steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned and how well you sleep. The device is also supported with smart vibrating alarm. All your daily stats are wirelessly transferred to the smartphone app and displayed in meaningful graphs.



Track steps, calories burned and more

Track how well you sleep

1 Year memory storage

Wireless data transfer

Bluetooth ver. 4.0 enabled

Sync Device Data

  • Easily Sync Data to Your Smart Phones and Tablets via BLE4.0
  • Share the Data with Your Friends Online

Monitor Sleep

  • Hours Slept
  • Sleep and Wake Up Time
  • Sleep Duration and Quality

Track Activity

  • Steps
  • Calories Burned
  • Distance Walked
  • Activity Time
  • Daily Goal Achieved %


  • Slightly Wake you up with Alarm
  • Remind you to do exercise at intervals

Anytime access to results

Track your results over time on your Lifesmart app and the data stored in cloud server as well. Access the results anywhere and at anytime.

Technical Specifications

Size 195x20x10mm
Weight 0.021kg
Battery 3.7V/70Ah lithium polymer lithium battery, rechargeable
Display 22,4x5.6mm OLED
Data memory 7 days
Steps counting range 0-120000 steps/1step.
Calorie 0-12000.0 Kcal/0.1kca
Distant 0 - 65.36km
Bluetooth transmission distance ≥10m (in the open environment)