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ECHO Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Simple, Smart and Accurate

This product uses the Oscillometric Measuring method to detect blood pressure. Before every measurement, the unit establishes a “zero pressure” equivalent to the atmospheric pressure. Then it starts inflating the arm cuff, meanwhile, the unit detects pressure oscillations generated by beat-to-beat pulsatile, which is used to determine the systolic and diastolic, and also pulse rate.

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Tubeless Technology

convenient to carry


heartbeat detector


data transfer


Li-ion Battery

Multi User Set Up

2 users


Measure your Systolic/Diastolic numbers and heart rate

Automatically create result charts for easy tracking & evaluation

Keep track of your historical average & also access it anywhere from app

Email and Share results instantly with friends, family or your doctor

Our smart blood pressure monitor use latest third Generation Oscillometric technology which provide consistently accurate and reliable results.


One button operation.
Measure during inflating technology.
Irregular heartbeat detection function (IHB).
Both User 1 and User 2 can store maximum 250 groups of record.
Guest user option.
Easy result uploading through Bluetooth.
TGA Registered (Class ll-A) : Australia & New Zealand.
IOS and Android Compatible.

Technical Specifications

Device Oscillographic testing mode.
Wireless communication: Bluetooth v4.0 or BLE.
Autoinflation : Mesuring While inflating.
Compatibility iphone 6s or higher with ios13 or higher.
Android 9 or higher smartphone or tablet.
Bluetooth v4.0 or higher.
Weight Weight - Approx 216g (Excluding the batteries cuff).
Working and Storage Operating temperature : 5°c to 40°c.
Relative humidity range of 15% to 90%, non-condensing, but not requiring a water vapour partial pressure greater than 50 hPa
Atmospheric pressure range of: 700 hPa to 1060 hPa
Accuracy Pressure: 5°C-40°C within±3mmHg(0.4kPa) Pulse value:±5%
Measurement Range Rated cuff pressure: 0mmHg~299mmHg (0kPa ~ 39.9kPa)
Measurement pressure:
SYS: 60mmHg~230mmHg (8.0kPa~30.7kPa)
DIA: 40mmHg~130mmHg (5.3kPa~17.3kPa)
Pulse value: (40-199) beat/minute
Power supply 6V DC x AAA, AC adaptor powered mode: 5V = 1A (Not included)
(Please only use the authorized AC adaptor).
Display Mode Digital LCD V.A 60 mm x 64 mm
External dimensions 100mm x 129mm x 45mm


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ECHO Smart Blood Pressure Monitor:ES-625

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